Marina Breydo
Bilingual Russian/English

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After earning my MD in Psychiatry in Russia, I graduated from Cambridge College in Massachusetts with Master’s Degree in Mental Health and Marriage and Family Therapy. These credentials have allowed me to understand patient’s issues and consider them from both medical and psychological perspective.

My professional approach is Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), which is based on a theory of personality and method of psychotherapy developed by Albert Ellis. This technique helps clients to gain more realistic and tolerant philosophy of life. I work with clients to help them consider the effect that thinking, feeling and wanting have on their behavior and outlook of life.


I spent more than decade as a Psychiatrist in the Famous Moscow Institute of Research Psychiatry, where I treated a variety of mental disorders, including schizophrenia, depression, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

I have also published a series of articles in professional journals, reflecting the years I spent researching Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy techniques for the treatment of Addictive behavior, Alcohol abuse and psychological problems related to Obesity.

At Cambridge College I presented my research project,” Obesity as a psychological problem. Self –esteem and body image.”


I also had the good fortune to train and work for over seven years with the late    Dr.David Rosengard M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H, Forensic Science Dean, Chair, and American Board of Forensic Medicine, in his South Boston Clinic.

Dr. David Rosengard was my inspiration, my role model and my teacher, and he always gave me his support during my professional growth. In his clinic I served patients from all over the world, and he taught me to love each of them, to give each my heart and knowledge. I will remember him forever.

I worked with elderly population at JFCS and HRCA for over 10 years, doing both individual and group therapy specifically developed for use with elderly. I also developed a research project called” The Formation of behavior stereotypes for dementia patients in ADH setting” and ran a therapy group of Holocaust survivors in Boston.

One of the proudest moments of my professional life came when I found that for many of the Holocaust survivors, I was the first to hear their stories. I count this as tremendous privilege for me both as a therapist and as a person

Working with clients who had only recently immigrated to US and were still adjusting gave me a professional experience which I funneled into a presentation called “Immigration as a stressor: Adjustment in a new Culture”, which I presented in Community Services Institute in West Roxbury MA where I work as a Psychotherapist.

I continue to work in many different areas of professional interest, including family and couples therapy( I was trained in Harvard Medical School),stress ,problem with adjustment,depression,anxiety,transitions,self-esteem and motivations.


More about me:

I am a:

Member of Psychiatric Academy of Massachusetts General Hospital

Diplomat at the American Psychotherapy Association

Member of the American Mental Health Counselor Association

Member of Massachusetts Alzheimer’s Association

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